We Know Publishers, Advertisers and Users


GingerDash know what Publishers and Advertisers want and that’s to maximise profits. The experienced team at GingerDash have been working with their own site monitisation for over 15 years, and this experience helps them to understand what’s needed to get the most out of advertising revenues with the publisher, advertiser AND user in mind.


The GingerDash team have been involved in the industry for over 15 years as publishers, feed syndicators and technical innovators. Their vast knowledge of how the industry works can help you make the most out of your website. They live and breathe site monetisation and can support and consult with publishers, sharing their expertise and helping their clients establish goals and create marketing plans.


Over the last 15 years the GingerDash team have built strong relationships with most, if not all, of the industry’s leading providers in site monitisation. The GingerDash technology has been built and refined over the last 10 years by its Technical Directors, having their own matching algorithms they are experts in turning clicks into customers.

 Industry Leaders with Industry Knowledge

Industry Leaders with Industry Knowledge

GingerDash have been successfully working on the monitisation of their Owend and Operated sites and assisting publishers for over 15 years in previous positions. Providing our clients with advice and support for optimising their own websites and helping them to maximise their advertising revenues, so they are best placed to help you.

The GingerDash team have previously been successful publishers, technical innovators and advertising leaders themselves, so know exactly what’s required to run a business that is always working with the Publisher, Advertiser AND User in mind.

Through our many years of industry experience, GingerDash can help clients establish goals and create marketing plans. Our experience also enables us to deliver the highest level of customer service to both Publisher and Adverting clients.

Why Choose GingerDash:

  • A team of Industry leaders in site monetisation across most spectrums
  • Dedicated account management team with vast knowledge of monetisation
  • Fantastic in house development team
  • Technology that has been built and established over the last 10 years.
  • The experts in turning clicks into customers.
  • Experience working with targeted customers that convert
  • Helping clients establish goals and create marketing plans
  • Tools that optimises the traffic ensuring the highest possible conversion rate for our customers
  • On-line reporting through the GingerDash interface
  • A technical team that can build bespoke solutions to match your criteria
  • A global outlook

We always want to hear about new ways in which we can help and support our clients and are always looking to develop ourselves, so please get in touch if you want to speak to us.